The first edition of the Marseille Web Fest, chaired by Michel Reilhac (ARTE France Cinéma), was held on 14 and 15 October 2011 on the Media Park Belle de Mai in Marseille.

All agree that just as the web-series on internet is on the rise, so is the Marseille Web Fest, thus placing Marseilles as a reference point, a European capital of the web-series !

The Marseille Web Fest proposed the projection of an international selection of 22 web series (France, USA, Canada, Israel, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, England, etc..) Of all genres (comedy, drama, fantasypolice, etc..). This selection would celebrate foremost their authors and as innovative as provocative works.


Affiche Marseille Web Fest 2011
Affiche Marseille Web Fest 2011


The Big Dick Mike Show
by Paul Jerome et Jermaine Jevon.

The jury, made up of professionals from TV, cinema, multimedia and internet (all partners of the Marseille Web Fest) particularly appreciated the originality, humour and free tone of the american web series, « The Big Dick Mike Show » and awared their prize to its makers, Paul Jerome and Jermaine
« The Big Dick Mike Show » is the story of Mike de Luca, a « guido » from Philadelphia. He's 27 years old and lives with his mother and younger brother and sister. Mike's philosphy is : « When you got a big dick, you don't gotta do nothing. You don't have to go out to life, life just comes to you! » So, to make ends meet, Mike hosts his own show that he broadcasts on internet from his own living room with the hope of raising enough money to pay for a stand in the next porn fair.
« In a web series that is a comedy, you have to know how to use and manage humour, to create situations that encourage story development over time. The web enables freedom of expression and impertinence thereby helping to reveal talented directors, writers and actors» explains Michel Reilhac about the jury's choice.


by David Sainz & Teresa Segura

The people's choice, ironically more serious, undoubtedly due to the age of the internauts who
watch these series and their own questionings about the future, awarded their prize to « Malviviendo » by Teresa Segura and David Sainz. This prize, given by Thomas McCarthy, was made possible thanks to the internauts who watched and
voted on a YouTube channel dedicated to the Marseille Web Fest.

« Malviviendo » depicts the day to day life of a group of friends who live in the fictitious neighborhood of Bandilleros. Four characters: Negro, Zurdo, Kaki and Postilla struggle and scheme to get by in a period of crises.

Each episode explores a different tone, from gang film to syrupy sitcom, with a preference for
parody and irony.

2011 Edition