Each year through its official selection, the festival highlights the diversity of creation and wishes above all to be an incubator of new talent and to serve as a springboard to creativity. Digital series are selected in official competition front of a jury of international professionals. 
Here the official selection of the 21 series in competition for 2017!

PALMARES 2017 available here !

A jamais

Action, Drama France

Since the death of his son accidentally murdered by gangsters, Daniel Munoz, a former rogue, decided to take the law into his hands....


Musical comedy Spain

Air is a comedy inspired by the famous Air Guitar dance.  It is a mixture of unique elements from the world of rock and the universe...


Comedy, Drama Australia

A gritty black comedy, set in an ordinary Aussie share-house that just happens to be a prison tent in Sydney Cove, 1788.


Drama Israël

Confess is an 8 episodes series, based on true Tel Aviv sex-dating stories.


Deep, mare nostrum

Drama France

Sophia, 28, is a professional skipper. His twin brother, apnea champion. But a tragic accident will challenge everything ...

Diversion end

Thriller Poland

A crooked cop and a petty thief share a seemingly unbreakable friendship.

El Maravilloso Parque Hoolister

Comedy, Thriller Uruguay

Alina, a young woman obsessed with detective novels, has a problem: She works in the world's most boring amusement park.

Her Story

Comedy, Drama USA

Violet and Paige are two transgender women living in Los Angeles.

High Life

Drama Australia

A sensible, creative and overachieving 17-year-old student in a respectable, middle-class family seems to be having the perfect ride...


Action, Fantastic, Thriller Brasil

Imaginário is a horror digital series that revisits the old myths of Brazilian folklore to...

La stirpe di Orazio

Comedy, Fantastic Swiss

It’s not always easy being a vampire these days… Orazio and his clan experience it daily, as they try to survive and resist their...

La théorie du Y

Comedy, Drama Belgium

Anna realizes she's bored in her relationship with Matteo. At a party, she discovers her an attraction for Claire.

Le temps des chenilles

Comedy, Drama Canada

Alix has been living in the same town, the same house and the same room forever.


Drama India

Maaya is an adult love story about two people who come together using aliases and experiment with BDSM.


For an informed public

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot

Fantastic USA

Slingshot is the codename of the Inhuman, Elena Rodriguez, a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team who is endowed with super-speed....

Noche de Paz

Comedy Argentina

"Silent Night" is hilarious comedy that follows the Brunetti family in preparing for the most important date of the year:...


Action, Drama, Thriller Canada

PETROL is an intense, action packed drama about five reckless drivers hired by a mysterious employer


Musical comedy Canada

While the students are preparing for the prom, the corpse of Jane, the school's most popular girl, is found in the dressing room of...

Small Shots

Comedy USA

Two charismatic actors from Staten Island reveal a deep yet quirky friendship in their fictionalized quest to audition for a Martin...

Todos queríamos matar al presidente

Comedy, Drama, Thriller Spain

A group of waiters recieve an unexpected visit to their gallery: a corrupt, man whore and alcoholic President who they consider...

Yes I do

Comedy, Drama France

The series invites us the time of a weekend to follow a friend's bachelorette party in Portugal.