Each year through its official selection, the festival highlights the diversity of creation and wishes above all to be an incubator of new talent and to serve as a springboard to creativity. Digital series are selected in official competition front of a jury of international professionals. 

Here, the official selection of the series in competition for 2018!

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Bidune Kaid (undocumented)

Drama Lebanon

In the midst of an endless civil war, Reem, a young mother, struggles to find her stolen ID and reclaim her father's land, Karim, a nonchalant man, turned dissident joins the civil defense after...

Counting Mx. Gye

Drama South Korea

A perfectionnist obsessed with numbers falls into a lifestyle that leads her to a new love adventure.

Death of Cool

Comedy, Drama USA

Based on Vice Co-Founder and provocateur Gavin McInnes’ memoir “The Death of Cool,” this 7-episode show of the same name finds Gavin at a crossroads.


Drama Canada

After their mother’s death, Toto and Adib are completely devastated.


Fantastic, Thriller Spain

Dorien is a young photographer with an overwhelming personality who has a great success taking pictures of celebrities and who's obsessed with not getting older.

Event Zero

Drama Australia

When a terrorist attack hits Sydney releasing a highly contagious virus into the population, Detective Leyla Nassar must race across the city and find the culprits...


Drama German

In FREAKS, four adolescents, all suffering from various mental illnesses, meet in a closed psychiatric ward.


Comedy, Drama Israel

GIMEL tells real stories of Israeli soldiers who injure and hurt themselves on purpose, in various ways, in order to get a few days off the army.

Invisible City

Drama Brazil

Invisible City is based on real-life stories of men and women subject to slavery-like labor.


Thriller Germany

Manu and Polly Engel (Christopher Reinhardt and Merle Collet) are waking up from a blackout – locked in a basement.


Drama Canada

Shamed online by a nasty rap from her ex, Arnaud, Frédérique, a young mother, attempts to get even. She challenges him to a rap battle.


Comedy Argentina

Three actresses, seven stories, seven totally different worlds. The only one that has continuity in this series is a minor character. Less according to whom?


Drama South Africa

Two best friends, both unsure about their future in terms of formal education and employment, set out to carve their own path by getting into the music business, from...

This is me (It's me)

Comedy, Drama Russia

The web series "It's me" is a story about a girl who constantly gets into embarrassing situations, struggles with her own indecision, learns to say no and accept...


Drama India

Natasha Narang, is a surgical intern at a reputed hospital and a high end escort by night.