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Regard sur la production française is a selection of 6 fiction series of 100% French. Broadcast between November 2018 and June 2019 and having at least three episodes online, one episode will be screened during the Marseille Web Fest. This screening will be preceded by a lecture by Joël Bassaget which will present an inventory of the French digital production. Thanks to the support of the SACD, a grant of € 2,000 will be given at the closing ceremony of the Marseille Web Fest.

Discover here the 6 French series selected as part of this "Regard sur la production française" for 2019's Edition. 



Atlanta. A clumsy and daydreamer French guy gets dumped by a local chick. The only way to seduce her?


Comedy France

No boyfriend, no job, and a terrifying fear of commitment, that's what Caro has to deal with on a daily basis.

VOL 69

Comedy France

"Flight 69" is a shortcom that takes place in an airplane. The episodes last 10 minutes each and are composed of several skits independent of each other.