Serve digital's evolution

Since its creation in 2011, the Marseille Web Fest has remained faithfull to its founding purpose: to reveal and highlight digital series to serve the changing digital, promote the development of the industry in the world or just celebrate the digital series internationally. Through its official selection, the festival showcases the diversity of creation and wishes to be above all an incubator of new talent and serves as a springboard to creativity.

An international dimension

To promote international dimension the Marseille Web Fest celebrates each year a digital series producing countries and gives the opportunity to present the richness of their production in that area. Marseille Web Fest draws on its New Content Market that responds to an expectation on the part of industry professionals. It becomes inseparable from the Festival in that it also promotes the encounter and facilitates exchanges between creators and professionals.

Masterclass and Writing Digital Residence

The Festival also offers Conferences, Masterclass, or free Workshops which aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in digital and world creation. More over, the Marseille Web Fest organizes (since 2015) a Writing Digital Residence with support from the PACA Regional Council, the City of Marseille and partners. To strengthen the link with the public, selected locations in the downtown of Marseille offers a few days before each edition a free screening series in official competition.

The team of the Marseille Web Fest

Life Honorary President : Michael AJAKWE
Patron : Adi SHANKAR

President :  Jean-Michel ALBERT
1st Vice President : Marc GUIDONI

2d Vice President : Micke RISTORCELLI
Treasurer : Daniel ISRAËL
General Delegate : Frédéric JOSUE
Event Director : Athina TSAKYRELLIS
Event Assistante : Nathalie GRANIER
General operator : Laurent LAFOND

And also…
Rich HALKE (In charge of the Writing Residence)
Jacques KLUGER


Administrative and Financial Assistant :  Norbert LASME
Official Photographer : Christine CRISCUOLO (Yellow Studio)

Director : Thibault Guerrin
Creator of the AwardsLe Poulpe By Tibo

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