Country : Canada
Genre : Drame

Pitch :
Five lives, one desire: Taste happiness! And everyone gets there as he can. At these paths is added that of a woman who would like to go back. Over its revelations, a drama takes shape ... What happened at 2:14? Freely adapted from the play 2 h14 from David Paquet, this web serie portrays the world at the age where everything begins : in all its poetry, its violence and absurdity.

Director : Marie-Claude Dicaire & Jean-François Dubé
Screenplay : Marie-Claude Dicaire
Digital Serie Editing : Jean-François Dubé
Production : Studio 7 Multimédia & Fonds TV5
Leader actress : Sasha Dominique
Leader actor : Pierre Simpson
Original music : Her Harbour & Aymar (environnement sonore)


Country : Australia
Genre : Science fiction

Pitch :
When a spaceship werck fails in a isolated space station, the security guard Jonah Ashbrook is responsible for the investigation. He finds a murdered crew and a group of asylum seekers hiding a terrible secret that threatens all humanity.

Director : Marc Furmie
Screenplay : Marc Furmie, Shiyan Zheng & Enzo Tedeschi
Digital serie editing : Enzo Tedeschi & Antonio Mestres
Production : Enzo Tedeschi
Leader actress : Kristy Best
Leader actor : Mark Coles Smith
Original Music : Paul Dawkins


Country : Brasil
Genre :Action

Pitch :
The year begins troubled for the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti. The internal and external pressures for the presidential elections are very large and the disorder in the country begins to gain strength. In the middle of this chaos, the American journalist Rachel Clark is sent to make a report on the abuses and violence committed by rebel militias, but what she discovers, however, is a coup against the current president of Haiti. Now the Minustah, led by Brazil, should at the same time to rescue the journalist and prevent the blow that can endanger democracy in the country.

Director : Guto Aeraphe
Screenplay : Guto Aeraphe
Digital serie editing : Guto Aeraphe
Production : Webseriados.tv
Leader actress : CInara Diniz
Leader actor : Breno de Filippo
Original Music : Marco Diniz


Country : USA
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
Partly inspired by the real life of Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Saga), comes the story of Jeremiah Bell (J.Rathbone), a young writer who journeys across the country, putting himself in the middle of other people's lives…and their living rooms.
From the living room couch, Jeremiah gets a front row seat to his hosts' secrets and struggles - as each episode lands him in a different home with different hosts and the constant affirmation that people are… strange."

Director : Jackson Rathbone
Screenplay : Jackson Rathbone
Digital serie editing : Jonny Zeller & Dave Phelps
Production : Sweatpants Media, in association with This Lost Boy Inc.
Leader actress : Sarah Clarke
Leader actor : Xander Berkeley
Original music : Jonathan Sacks


Country : Italy
Genre : Fantastic

Pitch :
The story is set on the island of Elbe around two main characters, Sara (Margaret Coppola) and Leonardo / Napoleon (Guglielmo Favilla) who will face to the enigmatic Tyrant, a former spirit blinded by desire of conquest. In a permanent return between past and present our two characters must save Elbe and incidentally the Universe.

Director : Alessandro Izzo
Screenplay: Francesca Detti & Alessandro Izzo
Digital serie editing : Alessandro Izzo
Production : VisitElba, i Licaoni Digital Studio
Leader actress : Margerita Coppola
Leader actor : Guglielmo Favilla
Original music : Alessandro Moro


Country : Belgium
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
At 28, Benoit still has no girlfriend, let alone work, and especially no project in mind. Forced by his only friend, he agrees to participate in group therapy to learn to know what he really wants in life. This is where he will get acquainted with Sylvie, a young and pretty girl with whom he would like to engage.

Director : Brieuc de Goussencourt
Screenplay : Brieuc de Goussencourt, Grégory Beghin & Benjamin Dessy
Digital serie editing : Mathieu Toulemonde
Production : Grizzly Films & RTBF interactive
Leader actress : Erika Sainte
Leader actor : Mathieu Debaty
Original music : -


Country : Canada
Genre : Drama

Pitch :
FÉMININ/FÉMININ is the brainchild of Chloé Robichaud and Florence Gagnon. In this new series, the director Chloé Robichaud, whose first film Sarah préfère la course had a remarkable international career after its official opening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, takes us back to the intersecting lives of a dozen characters and offers a new look on the world of lesbians in Quebec. “As a fresco representing different women – 18 to 42 years old – each episode explores the life of one before reuniting them. It’s a little bit of a tribute, a portrait, and a wink to each woman. This is a series about love between women. Life on a daily basis, a 10- minute capsule, times 8. I hope that in these women, many will see their own realities, whether homosexual or not”, says Chloé Robichaud.

Director : Chloé Robichaud
Screenplay : Chloé Robichaud
Digital serie editing : NC
Production : Carolyne Boucher
Leader actress : Macha Limonchik
Leader actor : Noemie Yelle
Original Music : Independant


Country : Italy
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :

Mike MIEL is a young actor who has never won any role. His love life is an absolute disaster. Not only he never found the ideal woman but he especially never met a normal girl.
Then Andrea, Tony and Geneva, his three best friends decide to create without his consent an online betting site on his love life. Faced with the unexpected success of the site, a producer decided to create a reality-web program that Mike is the hero and without the knowledge of the main protagonists.
Mike sees his life turn around overnight ...

Director : Vincenzo Alfieri
Screenplay : Vincenzo Alfieri, Josafat Vagni & Marco Zampetti
Editing : Vincenzo Alfieri
Production : Guinesia Pictures
Leader Actress : Vincenzo Alfieri
Leader Actor : Elena Cucci
Original Music : Mirko Mancini & Matteo Ruperto


Country : France
Genre : Policier

Pitch :
In April 2017, an unprecedented wave of attacks led to the unanimous adoption of a Patriot Act. A special unit is created with the mission to deprogram radicalized individuals. A dark world to the ruthless manipulation...

Director : Shaun Severi
Screenplay : Jean-Charles Felli & Pierre-Marie Mosconi
Digital serie editing : Eclair
Production : Save Ferris
Leader actress : Jeanne Bournaud
Leader actor : Olivier Chantreau
Original Music : La Plage


Country : USA
Genre : Science fiction

Pitch :
Jameson Locke is one of the rising stars of the unity of Spartans. Sent his team on a distant colony, to investigate on terrorist acts, he discovers an artifact of unimaginable power. To survivethey will need to fight, question everything and ultimately choose between loyalty and their lives.

Director : Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Screenplay : Paul Scheuring
Editing : Andrew John McClelland
Production : Ridley Scott, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, David Zucker, Paul Scheuring & Kiki Wolfkill
Leader Actress : Christina Chong
Leader Actor : Mike Colter
Original Music : Klaus Badelt


Country : USA
Genre : Animation

Pitch :
Spin-off unofficial of the film directed by Pete Travis in 2012, "Judge Dredd Superfiend" is an animated web series of 6 episodes focused on Dark Judges, well known villains of comics readers.

Director: The Junquera Brothers
Screenplay: The Junquera Brothers
Digital series editing: The Junquera Brothers
Production : Adi Shankar
Leader actress : Stephanie Sheh
Leader actor : Darin De Paul
Original music : David M. Saunders


Country : France
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
Dave Mitchum, pure Texan blood, suddenly has doubts about his parentage. Determined to discover the truth about his origins he landed in France and goes in search of his biological mother.

Director : Jonathan Lambert
Screenplay : Jonathan Lambert, Dylan Bendecks, Louis Genevey & Thibaud Kunstlinger
Digital serie editing : Brice Rabaud
Production : Elephant TV et francetv nouvelles écritures, avec la participation de Dailymotion
Leader actor : Jonathan Lambert


Country : Australia
Genre : Comedy - Drama

Pitch :
A black comedy web series about depression. The modern world is a scary place -- suffocating, fractured, and alienating. On the surface, Jef is a regular guy. He's good looking, charming, and funny. He also has a good job and a beautiful girlfriend. But he just doesn't feel right. And he's not sure what to do about it.

Director : Luke Eve
Screenplay : Adam Grossetti
Editing : Melanie Annan
Production : Luke Eve & Rebecca Hu
Leader actress : Claire Van der Boom
Leader actor : Henry Nixon
Original Music : Benjamin Speed


Country : Switzerland
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
"My wife is a pastor" is a comedy web series about the adventures of an unusual couple. He, agnostic and rational trying to get by with the new profession of his wife. Between burials and aperitifs to the sound of bells he will try to get a place in a world where he doesn’t control all the codes! It will, in passing, the opportunity to question the practices of his wife.

Director : Victor Costa
Screenplay : Victor Costa, Carolina Costa, Francisco Leonarte, Ernesto José Sorrentino & Miguel Marcos
Digital serie editing : Valentin Waeber
Production : Atalahalta Productions
Leader actress : Carolina Costa
Leader actor : Victor Costa
Original music : Carolina Costa & Alberto Sanchez Insa


Country : Italy
Genre : Drama

Pitch :
Every day, plenty of people (of different religions, ethnic groups and classes) meet and crash each other around Milano™ subway tunnels. Our purpose is telling these stories.

Director : Giovanni Esposito, Chiara Battistini, Marco Chiarini & Cosimo Alemà
Screenplay : Paolo Bernardelli
Digital serie editing : Giovanni Esposito, Tommaso Feraboli, Marco Chiarini, Giulio Tiberti
Production : Bananas, One Production
Leader actress : Isabella Tabarini
Leader actor : Andrea Baglio
Original music : B-nario


Country : USA
Genre : Thriller

Pitch :
When Claire take up residence in the dormitories of the University of Morganville that is rapidly alienating the queen of premises, a minx as superficial as violent.
After several "accidents", Claire decides to settle down with Eve, Shane and Michael to quickly discover that Morganville is anything but a normal city: vampires run the lives of the population.

Director: Blake Calhoun
Screenplay : Rachel Caine
Editing : Blake Calhoun & Cliff Richhart
Production : Geek & Sundry - Loud Pictures - Pen Ultimate Productions
Main Actress : Amber Benson
Main Actor : Robert Picardo
Original Music : Damon Criswell


Country : Canada
Genre : Fantastic

Pitch :
MYTHOS Trapped in the prison of her own mind, a teen girl (Essie) tries to regain her sanity by recounting a series of macabre fairy tales. After being held hostage for most of her childhood years, Essie has returned a broken shell of her former self. Now housed in a dystopic insane asylum, the teen girl recounts stories of her past and present, visually imagined as a series of macabre fairy tales. The series uses Essie’s stories as the central storyline, as her mind weaves beautiful but disturbing images that interplay with the spoken narrative.

Director: Karen Lam
Screenplay : Karen Lam
Digital serie editing : Ashley Lynch
Production : Karen Wong
Leader actress : Ingrid Nilson
Leader actor : Daniel Arnold
Original music : Patric Caird


Country : England
Genre : Thriller

Pitch :
At the urging request of many fans, CJ Daugherty, the author of the saga "Night School" adapts its saga in web-series. The web-series doesn’t repeat the history of each book continuously but this is an additional video content to books. "Night School" tells the story of Cimmeria Academy, a private school that really has nothing ordinary hiding a dark secret. The first season consists of six episodes.

Director: Jack Jewers
Screenplay : CJ Daugherty & Jack Jewers
Digital serie editing : Jack Jewers & Tom Blount
Production : Jack Jewers & CJ Daugherty
Leader actress : Jessica Sargent
Leader actor : Campbell Challis
Original music : Audio Network

OSMOSIS LA SERIE, N’ayez plus peur d’aimer

Country :France
Genre : Anticipation

Pitch :
OSMOSIS is the future of online dating. So pervasive it has become THE 3.0 social network augmented reality. It is not a simple dating site but the platform who determines all human relationships.
Thanks to a revolutionary algorithm, the website founded by Thomas Melville offers to meet your soul mate, mathematically, 100% guarantee.
Paul's brother, Thomas met Elsa via the famous site there 4 years to forget a difficult breakup. As he is about to marry, Paul will begin to ask questions about what would have been his life if he had a choice and if he had not used OSMOSIS. Therefore, Thomas will propose to his brother Paul to test a new technology that will soon be available on its website.
This premium service will allow him to travel back in time and relive the ardor of his first moments with Elsa, for he has no doubt about his relationship. But this immersion in his doubts and his past will not be safe.... Can love survive the disappearance of love risk?

Director : Louis Chiche
Screenplay : Gabriel, Louis et William Chiche, Loïc Belland & Nyima Cartier
Digital serie editing : Victor Toussaint
Production : ARTE France & TARONJA PROD
Leader actress : -
leader actor: Laurent Delbecque
Originale music : Gabriel Chiche


Country :France
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
Sonia is your typical Parisian… one would think we would love to hate her… But it’s just the opposite. We love to love her. Through out this young thirty year old’s journey in 'Paris, un jour de…’ (Paris, a day of…) we encounter moments of her clingy disposition and self- contradiction, capturing the perfect image of a whole generation where people seem to be drowning in the infinite choices society throws at us and constant consumption.

Director : PARIS UN JOUR D’anniversaire : Bastien Bernini / PARIS UN JOUR DE gueule de bois : Gilles Guerraz / PARIS UN JOUR DE psy : Baya Rehaz
Screenplay : Baya Rehaz
Digital serie editing : Charlotte Teillard d'Evry
Production : Baya Rehaz
Leader actress : Baya Rehaz
leader actor: Amaury De Crayencour
Originale music : -


Country : USA
Genre : Thriller

Pitch :
In a post-apocalyptic world where half the population is dead or missing and the sky is full of autonomous drones, 16-year-old Kitch sets out to find his father, joined by his drone companion.

Director : Chad Kapper
Screenplay : Rotor DR1 Community, Steve Moses, Chad Kapper, Megan Ryberg, Seth Yergin & Scott Windhauser
Editing : Patrick Casteel, Michael Cameneti
Production : StoneKap Entertainment
Main actress : Natalie Welch
Main actor : Christian Kapper
Original Music : Patrick Casteel


Country :USA
Genre : Comedy - Drama

Pitch :
The rural town of St. Maurice is in an economic crisis. Worn out farms and businesses are facing foreclosures, and the townspeople fear for the place they call home. Until the only cop in town, Officer Tom Niles, stumbles upon a bag of marijuana seeds, and proposes an idea. The Village Green is a dark comedy that follows the exploits of a cast of characters as they attempt to return their town to its once prosperous state, while facing the inevitable hardships of trying to illegally 'quick fix' their town's problems.

Director(s) : Kelly Paoli & Tanner Zurkoski
Screenplay: Kelly Paoli, Colin Munch, Adrian Burke Archer Murray & Tanner Zurkoski
Digital serie editing: Gina Simone
Production : Canal Play, Rockzeline & Apple Box Film Company
Leader actress : Amanda Cordner
Leader actor : Daniel Pagett
Originale music : N/A


Country : France
Genre : Drama

Pitch :
Paul no longer sees in colour and cannot stand the light of day, ever since he contracted a disease at the age of 25. So he lives below ground, beneath the world. Paul is a night watchman in an underground parking lot. Every night, he is visited by neighbours, strangers, or friends, who come to confide in him and glean a bit of human warmth over a meal laced with alcohol.
In his black and white world, one night, a car goes by: it is red. RED. Is this a sign that he’s cured? Or is it just another illusion to add to the horde of other imaginings that sometimes haunt Paul?

Director : Marc Gibaja & Mathilde Mélèse
Screenplay : Marc Gibaja & Mathilde Mélèse
Digital serie editing : Sabine Emiliani
Production : Dacor Films, représentée par Rockzeline
Leader actress : NC
Leader actor : Patrick Azam
Original music : Vincent Courtois


Country : England
Genre : Action

Pitch :
Armed and very dangerous; an elite collection of secret agents must track down and eliminate deadly threats over the course of twelve months, no matter what the risk or personal cost. But when the stakes are high and there's deception at every turn, the line between hero and villain starts to blur.

Director: Christopher Stone
Screenplay: Stephanie Stone
Serie digital editing: Christopher Stone
Production: Stephanie Stone
Leader actress: Alex Harding
Leader actor: Garry Graham Smith
Original music: Yannick Zenhäusern


Country : Spain
Genre : Comedy

Pitch :
The serie is about two friends, Julia and Alex who starts to live together for a few months. Julia is a fine artist, momentarily, works as makeup artist. Alex is a graphic designer who spend days at the family Real Estate Agency.
With them, Sara and Íñigo, an aprently perfect couple who are about to get married. Mike, Alex´s brother, and his wife, María, starting a marital crisis. Manu, Alex´s best friend, attracting boys and girls in the same way. Cella and The Pola, from his bar, participating as observers in this lifes.
Throughout the serie they will share histories about meeting and failed meeting, with couples, affairs, friends, relatives and with everybody who cross in their lifes.

Director : Nahuel Lerena
Screenplay : Pato Byrne & Nahuel Lerena
Digital serie editing : Nahuel Lerena
Production : Montag & Pinball London
Leader actress : Pato Byrne
Leader actor : Fernando Tielve
Original music : Lara Pedrosa & Mauro Conforti


Screening not recommended for people under 16.

The Official Selection 2015