About sex

CANADA / Comedy

Young people are inundated with images and messages about their bodies, sexuality and relationships. “About Sex” invites teens to take a funny and frank look at what’s going on in their head, their heart and between their legs as they navigate life and love as a young adult. Thirty-five episodes explore topics from consent to pornography addiction, through skits, expert advice and teen testimonials.

Director : Samir Rehem, Francis Gélinas & Hervé Baillargeon
Screenplay : Charles-Alex Durand, Sandrine Viger & Louis-Martin Pepperall
Production : Écho Média – Luc Chatelain & Sarah Chatelain
Editing : Michae England, Francis Gélinas, Gabriel Jetté, Martin Jean & Mathieu Bélanger
Main actress : Nadine Bhabha
Main actor : Chris Wilson
Original music :