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ABOUT Marseille web fest


The Marseille Web Fest is an international short series festival. It has been held every year in October in Marseille since its first edition in 2011. Its ambition: to reveal and highlight short series to serve the evolution of digital, promote the development of industry in the world or simply celebrate the best international series. The festival highlights the diversity of creation and wishes above all to be an incubator for new talents and serve as a springboard for creation.

Serve the evolution of the short format

Since its creation in 2011, the Marseille Web Fest has been faithful to its founding vocation: revealing and highlighting short series of fiction. Through its official selection, the festival thus highlights the diversity of creation and wishes to be above all an incubator for new talents and to serve as a springboard for creation.

An international dimension

To promote international dimension, Marseille Web Fest celebrates each year digital series producing countries and gives the opportunity to present the richness of their production in that area. Marseille Web Fest draws on its New Content Market that responds to an expectation on the part of industry professionals. It also promotes encounterandand facilitates exchanges between creators and professionals.

Masterclass and Writing Digital Residence

The Festival also offers free conferences, masterclasses or workshops aimed at providing a complete overview of the latest developments in the field of creation. Moreover, the Marseille Web Fest organizes (since 2015) a Writing Digital Residence with support from the PACA Regional Council, the City of Marseille and partners.

To strengthen the link with the public, selected locations in downtown Marseille offer a few days before each edition a free screening of series in official competition.

Festival open to all

Marseille Web Fest, since its inception, has wanted to introduce short series to a large audience. From its first edition, it is completely free and is aimed at professionals, students but also the general public.

Also, to strengthen the link with the public, places chosen in the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis and in the region (Cannes, Martigues, etc.) offer free screenings of the series in official competition.

The team

The Marseille Web Fest is organized by the Imago production association.

Mickael Ajakwe

 Michael Ajakwe

Honorary President for life Founder of LA Web Fest

Adi Shankar

 Adi Shankar

Producer & Director

Membres du bureau

Jacques kluger

Jacques Kluger

Producer & Director

Alexandre Cornu

Alexandre Cornu

1st Vice President 
Producer – France


Micke Ristorcelli

2d Vice President

Antoine Disle

Producer – France

Frédéric Josué

General Delegate

L’équipe opérationnelle

And loyal providers

Official Photographer : Christine CRISCUOLO (Yellow Studio)
Director : Thibault Guérin
Translator : CB Trad – Caroline Bonnel