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Comedy – Drama

When Thomas, a die-hard bachelor, brings Mina home after a night out with friends, they soon realize that they will forever be connected.
As they fall into the whirlwind of love, Mina quickly moves into the room that Thomas rents in an apartment with his other roommates.
After a few short weeks together Mina finds out she’s pregnant.
Through pregnancy and birth this young couple is plunged into a life crises shaking up their world as they know it.

Director: Baya Rehaz
Screenplay: Baya Rehaz
Production: Baya Rehaz & Amaury de Crayencour
Editing: Charlotte Teillard D’eyry
Main actress: Yasmina Talibi
Main actor: Mickael Lumière
Original Music : Christophe Menassier

Baby Clash