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Beyond duty

BRÉSIL / Thriller – Drame

Sergeant Gael had his childhood marked by tragedy. His father, who was a police officer, was murdered by a criminal during an incident. Willing to follow his father’s honorable example in life, he also became a sergeant in the Military Police of Minas Gerais State. Everything was just a tough routine, until the day that a bank robbery brings to light old traumas and now Sergeant Gael must face his own fears and confront them with his past to move on.

Director: Guto Aeraphe
Screenplay: Guto Aeraphe, Cristiano Araújo & Humberto de C.Rezende
Production: Humberto de C.Rezende
Editing: Guto Aeraphe
Main Actress: Andressa Caetano (Sergeant Meire)
Leading Actor: Fabiano Persi 
Original Music: Flávio Mateus