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brigade mobile

France / Comedy

Auvergne 2022. A documentary team is on board the Mobile Brigade, a gendarmerie camper van that offers a proximity service in the villages. At the wheel, Chief Warrant Officer Lily Frédérique is committed to doing good even when there is no need. Her subordinate Audrey Langlois has promised to track down serial killers even when there are none.

Director: Fanny Sidney
Screenplay : Fanny Sidney, Emilie Noblet, Maïté Sonnet, Judith Godinot, Yasmine Nadifi, Alicia Pratx & Marceau Philippot-Valette
Production : La Onda Productions & Mother Production
Editing : Baptiste Ribrault
Main actress(s) : Marie Lelong & Louise Massin
Main actor : NC
Original music : Maxence Dussere