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ARGENTINE – Comédie musicale

Mirko and Roma are brother and sister with a four-year difference, and they were born in Patagonia.
After their father dies, they decide to move to their grandmother Patria’s house, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
There they meet Núcleo, his neighbor, a rapper and hip-hop producer with a legendary recording studio: El Triángulo Estudio, and the crew that makes it.
Roma is quickly accepted within the circle thanks to Klan, but her brother Mirko will have to earn their respect with his rhymes.
Together they will challenge prejudices and become leading examples of hip hop culture.

Director: Mauro Pérez Quinteros
Screenplay: Jonathan Barg, Salvador Roselli & Javier Zevallos
Production: Planta Alta TV
Editing: Juan José Esquivel, Fernando Rivoldini & Santiago Parysow
Main actress: Ailín Salas
Main actor: Andy Gorostiaga
Original music: Nucleo AKA Tintasucia, Lucas Ramírez &  MPDhela