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CANADA / Comedy

A quirky parody of cliché teen shows, Complètement Lycée follows the ups and downs of Allie, the new girl at New Garden Hills Valley High School. Being a teenager is never easy! Especially when the most popular girl in school, Ashley, decides to make you her worst enemy… Luckily, Allie can count on the help of her gay best friend Keith to see through Ashley’s schemes and her boyfriend Brian, the soccer team’s quarterback.

Director : Alec Pronovost
Screenplay : Charles-Alex Durand,  Sandrine Viger-Beaulieu & Alec Pronovost
Production : Productions ToRoS
Editing : David Bourbonnais
Lead Actress : Rosalie Vaillancourt
Lead Actor : Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais 
Original score : Alex Lefaivre