RUSSIA / Comedy

«Dates & Mates» is a short web-dramedy about dating.
Alice is in her late 20-s, and she’s afraid of entering her 30-s all alone. That’s why Alice is looking for love everywhere: in bars, on the street, online. She goes on plenty dates. But every time something goes wrong.
How hard is it for a young woman to find a decent guy? Every date is not just about meeting a potential boyfriend, it’s about meeting yourself. Alice is looking for someone who’d be able to lover her and understand her, but instead she learns to understand herself.
Based on real dates!

Director : Kirill Alekhin
Scéreenplay : Keren Klimovsky & Kirill Alekhin
Production : Life Is Short
Editing : Artem Sokolovsky, Alexander Gavrilov, Sergey Zvyagin, Eugeny Gordeev & Sergey Borovsky
Main actress : Maria Koritova
Main actor : Ilya Smirnov
Original Music : Eduard Konovalov