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Dhanaśri, Les Julies et Les Fantômes


“Three lost women. A castle inhabited by ghosts. Should we believe in our dreams?”

Dhana has not spoken since she was 4 years old, shy and undecided she is always torn between her two friends, Julie L. (venal and pragmatic) and Julie N. (a dreamer on the verge of depression).
Three women adrift, in their thirties, living in a tiny house share in Marseille.
Their lives will change when Dhana inherits a castle in Provence and thrilled to finally get out of their wretched life, they’ll decide to settle there. But the Castle is derelict and without the means to restore it, their future looks bleak again. After a few nights Julie N. discovers that three ghosts inhabit the castle.

Dhanaśri, Les Julies et Les Fantômes

Director: Pablo Pinasco
Screenplay: Pablo Pinasco
Production : Close Your Eyes
Editing: Pablo Pinasco
Actresses : Dhanasri Sablé, Julie Nadaud & Julie Lagier
Original Music : Gaël Martinez