Ez win

RUSSIA / Comedy

 In a local village school computer class, a team of five likable losers is training to get into the finals of a big tournament – their common goal.
At the same time, each of them has their personal reasons why they got into esports. There’s friendship, conflict and humor – and one game to bind them all.

The first web-series about gamers produced in Russia.

Director : Egor Chichkanov
Screenplay : Eugeny Pekach, Nikita Kartsev, Egor Chichkanov & Kirill Alekhin
Production :
Kirill Alekhin & Pavel Roytberg
Editing : Egor Chichkanov
Main actresses :
Tatiana Struzhenkova & Angelina Zagrebina
Main actors :
Anvar Halilulaev, Mikhail Shamkov & Denis Kornukh
Original music : Egor Chichkanov