English Title : Small Claims Court

Eva Turell is an enforcement court judge but behind her polished façade she is keeping a big secret; she is a compulsive gambler, which has gotten her into big trouble.
Eva owes 300.000 Danish crowns to the gangster Daniel who has made it clear that for every day she doesn’t pay, the amount increases. Eva desperately tries to seduce her banker Kenneth to get a new loan in her apartment but with no luck.
The situation becomes critical when Eva during a case helps a young couple collect 1,2 million crowns from a corrupt carpenter. After the meeting the carpenter comes back and hands over the money in cash.
Eva seizes her chance to pay of her debt but she soon realizes that Daniel never wanted the money– instead he wants access to the judge’s book.
Eva denies him access but what she doesn’t know is that Daniel is already one step ahead of her.

Director : Jens Dahl
Screenplay : Jens Dahl
Production : Marta Mleczek & Caroline Schlüter
Editing : Jacob Thuesen & Mik Stampe Fogh
Main actress : Marie Askehave
Main actor : Morten Holst
Original music : Asbjørn Derdau & Sofie Birch