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french selection

100% French production series and conferences with the support of the SACD

Thanks to the support of the SACD, a selection of French series is offered alongside the official international selection.

This selection is made up of 6 100% French fiction series released between November 2019 and June 2020 and having at least three episodes online. One episode of each of these short series will be available for free online, subject to registration on a dedicated platform. Whenever possible, these series will be subtitled in English.

The SACD will award a Special Prize to one of the short series and an endowment of 2000 €.

With the support



Access to the platform

Watch the series on our platform from October 15 to November 15, 2020.

See the programm

Screenings schedule over the 3 days of the festival then available until November 15

Baby Clash


When Thomas, a die-hard bachelor, brings Mina home after a night out with friends, they soon realize that they will forever be connected. As they fall into the whirlwind of...

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Thirty years ago, Archibald created his famous friterie "Le Lys d’Or" and wants to pass it on. His niece Éléna dives headlong into the business. Determined to innovate to revive...

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Genre humaine Eléonore Costes


Genre Humaine, it's Eleonore's kind through her slices of life. A girl like everyone else, anxious, frustrated, dithering all the time. Normal."

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Sixteen-year-olds Shaï, Djeneba, Aladi, and Ismaël grew up in a working-class Paris neighborhood, Place des Fêtes’ four towers. Together, they watch hours drift by, cracking jokes, and playing their favorite...

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6:30 pm, that's when Éric and Melissa, two colleagues, leave their office each night to go to the same bus stop. Five daily minutes, settled between their professional and their...

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For this exceptional edition due to the current health crisis, the festival will be held from October 15 only online with the broadcast of the various series in selections and this for 1 month on a dedicated platform.

Conferences and masterclasses will also be available and gradually put online over the 3 days of the festival (15-16-17 October 2020).

Traditionally, the screening of the French Selection is preceded by a conference dedicated to French Production, hosted by Joël Bassaget. Representatives of the series present are invited to participate in order to testify about their experience.

This year, the Marseille Web Fest wishes to keep this conference online with the participation of representatives of the French series in selection and still hosted by Joël Bassaget.