La jeune fille qui rêvait d'être un lama

FRANCE / Drama

Every afternoon, a young girl and a boy meet in front of a llama’s enclosure to talk about their lives. Hanna dreams of having the llama’s strength and wisdom. She sees the llama as a fallen king with only one thing on his mind: leaving this place and returning to his kingdom. Adam suffers from a visual hypersensitivity; too sensitive to constantly be admiring the beauty of the world, he has to close his eyes to avoid having seizures.
A teenage girl and a pre-teen boy lost surrounded by adults still seeking their true self. Laura, Hanna’s mother, on the verge of depression. Ivan, her stepfather, unable to communicate his feelings. Kristen, Adam’s mother, stuck in a fixed mindset. The Wolf, the repentant hunter who wanders in the woods…
The llama’s enclosure will become a safe place, sheltered from the outside world. A refuge where two very different beings, Hanna and Adam, will form, over Frank the llama, a bond that will wake up their awareness of their own singularities. Through each other’ s eyes, they will realise that their differences are true gifts to face life’s challenges. At night, before the starry sky, Frank reflects on the daily discussions.
A village in the countryside. A girl, a boy and a llama.

Direector :Pablo Pinasco
Screenplay : Pablo Pinasco
Production : Close Your Eyes / La Prod du Sud
Editing : Pablo Pinasco
Main actress : Elisa Ezzedine
Main actor : Romy Durand
Original music : Oming Blake / Eroina / Siska / Pygmy Johnson