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RUSSIA / Thriller – Drama

Egor, 26, was a promising coder, but his life has turned upside down after his parents’ death. A killer attacked the family, his younger sister Masha, 16, to remain the only survivor.
Now Egor, being obsessed with her safety, tracks her phone and finds a strange contact: Alika, 38, art gallery owner. Her gallery hosts auctions of paintings in Art Brut style.
Egor finds out that these paintings have something to do with the deadly game in the darknet. But it’s too late, his sister Masha has already become victim in the game. Egor is determined to ruin the game.

Director : Tanya Vigel & Andrey Sergeev
Screenplay : Tanya Vigel & Ivan Dolinin
Production : Tanya Vigel & Andrey Sergeev
Editing : Denis Gerasimov
Actresses : Olga Sutulova, Elizaveta Penina & Elizaveta Golubeva
Actors : Roman Evdokimov, Valentin Samokhin & Dmitry Sokolov
Original music : Ivan Isyanov