news from yonas


This animated documentary is about the discussions of Yonas, an Eritrean refugee and Jérôme Tubiana, a journalist, photographer, researcher and activist.
For migrants passing through Libya, owning a smartphone is essential in order to survive and continue their journey. This is often the only way to maintain ties with their family back in their country of origin and to keep in touch with the outside world.
Many of these migrants are also in contact with the community of those they call “helpers”; humanitarian workers or journalists.
Migrants share information, comment on current events and European policies aimed at preventing them from entering Europe or simply confide in their situation.

Director : Jérôme Tubiana, Aurélie Pollet & Gustavo Almenara
Screenplay : Jérôme Tubiana, Aurélie Pollet & Gustavo Almenara
Edition : Aurélie Pollet & Gustavo Almenara
Production : Quark Production / Médecins Sans Frontières