ICELAND – GERMANY/ Comedy – Drama

Sara has it all: a well-paid job, wonderful friends and a stylish apartment that she shares with her long-term girlfriend. Somehow she still feels there is something missing and not even the plans to start a family keep her mind from wandering to secret poetry writing and a not-so-secret affair.
It’s hard to hide in a small community. When she manages to wreck her whole existence in a single day, Sara feels she has to escape from the rumors and from her own failure. With a suitcase full of emotional baggage she moves to a new country, hoping that the magic of Berlin will help her figure out what she wants.

Director : Júlía Margrét Einarsdóttir
Screenplay : Sólveig Johnsen
Production : Lost Shoe Collective
Editing : Ragnar Ingi Magnússon & Jeremias Caró Roman
Main actress : Marta Sveinbjörnsdóttir
Main actor :
Original music : Gaby DeSpain & Unnur Andrea