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"NOUVELLE VAGUE" selection

The Marseille Web Fest has created for its 11th edition a new category called Nouvelle Vague.

This selection, in parallel with the other selections (International, French and Web Doc), aims to put in perspective daring authors as well as new talents by presenting self-produced international web-series or new original formats. .

The Nouvelle Vague selection will be screened only online on our dedicated platform from October 21 to November 21, 2021. These series will face a jury of professionals who will award the “Nouvelle Vague” prize at the closing of the Marseille Web Fest.

The Marseille Web Fest team is happy to announce the 2021 “Nouvelle Vague” selection:

  • Endline (Jordan)
  • Mousetrap on the darknet (Russia)
  • Flush (Denmark)
  • Heat (The Netherlands)
  • Pepper Ricochette (USA)
  • Norms (Iceland)
  • About sex (Canada)
  • Ez Win (Russia)
  • One woman (Israel)
  • Denise & Raymonde (Swiss)
  • Bonne figure (Canada)
  • Lovely (France / England)
  • 1 de Esos Dias (Argentina)
  • La jeune fille qui rêvait d’être un lama (France)

Gradually discover here the pitches and trailers of the competing series

About sex

Young people are inundated with images and messages about their bodies, sexuality and relationships. “About Sex” invites teens to take...

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Bonne figure

Young single mom Sophia takes custody of her teenaged daughter Kyrah. The two try to re-establish their mother-daughter relationship as...

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Series based on real-life events aiming to raise awareness of the various issues & problems as a result of the...

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Ez Win

The first web-series about gamers produced in Russia. In a local village school computer class, a team of five likable...

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When nature calls, you have to answer. When it’s a booty call, the same applies. Whatever the case, make sure...

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In a nerve-racking climate change thriller, we follow various characters in a residential neighborhood of a city plagued by an...

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Disasters, humiliations and bumpy romances: these are the experiences that James, a thirty-something encounters from his friends and marital relations...

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Sara has it all: a well-paid job, wonderful friends and a stylish apartment that she shares with her long-term girlfriend....

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One woman

ONE WOMAN turns the spotlight on female sexuality, exploring urges and desires in women's lives that are rarely explored authentically...

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Pepper: Ricochet

Pepper: Ricochet USA / Action – Thriller Soon Director : Caris VujcecScreenplay : Caris VujcecProduction : Caris Vujcec, Joshua Friedman...

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