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pensées futiles

Comedy / Drama

« Do you realize that if your pet stinks, it’s because there’s 1% hydrogen sulphide in it? If I hit myself and it hurts, does that mean I’m strong or weak? And pasta water, how come it hardens the eggs but softens the pasta?”
These are the kinds of questions that 23-year-old Louise keeps asking her loved ones in mundane conversations. In front of her best friend, boyfriend or brother, Louise shares her absurd observations, sometimes even in the middle of the night.
As the week progresses, Louise is more and more in the moon and her reactions are more and more strange. If she’s trying so hard to escape reality, it might be to hide an injury that’s too hard to accept.

Director : Alphonse Gausslin 
Screenplay : Alphonse Gausslin
Production : JAYUS – Pauline Sanderre & Amélie Monney-Maurial
Editing : Alphonse Gausslin & Caroline-Lou Monod
Main actress : Lou HOWARD
Main actor :
Original music :