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CZECH REPUBLIC/ Action-Thriller

What happens in the aftermath of a shooting in one of the high schools in Brno where the rules bordering on bullying are set by members of a floor hockey team and their groupies – a girl gang called Bitchez. In ten episodes, 

Directot : Lucia Kajánková
Screenplay : Kassory Condé, Jakub Haubert, Lucia Kajánková, Hermína Peričová, Zdeňka Petrová, Adéla Škvrnová & Sára Zeithammerová
Production :  Pavel Ostrý
Editing : Michal Reich
Main actresses : Martina Jindrová & Martina Czyžová
Main actors : Vojtěch Franců, Jiří Hába & Filip Srbecký
Original Music : BBB

In ten episodes, Czech Television’s first original streaming series tells the story of searching for boundaries in the painful world of being a teenager during a time of manipulative social media. It is intended primarily for a teen audience, a group rarely addressed in the Czech Republic. The title, TBH, is an acronym which stands for “to be honest” in online slang.
It has, however, taken on a different meaning since it was adopted by teens – to mask a lie or alter the truth. TBH was created by director Lucia Kajánková in cooperation with a writing team of students from the Film School in Prague.
The series is based on the results of a survey conducted among the target group in selected schools.