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During spring 2019, Matheo Jacquemoud and Vivian Bruchez, two french mountain guides and skiers, made an outstanding adventure in the Alps.
They decided to cross the massif from east to west, from the Cervin to Mont-Blanc, in order to climb and ski 6 of the most beautiful and iconic summits of the mountain range.
Un Printemps Suspendu came to life. Created by L’Equipe and graphic studio Upian, it retrace their climbs in an innovative way and tell a story between mystery and danger.
The experience consists of 6 episodes, about 10 minutes each. Each episode combines real time 3D and video in order to make this experience as real as possible.

Director : Aurélien Delfosse
Screenplays: Aurélien Delfosse & Thomas Deyriès
Production: L’Equipe Explore & Upian
Editing: Yann Tosseyn & Yvan Ratiarivelo

Un printemps suspendu Web doc l'équipe