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web-documentary SeLECTION

For the second year in a row, the Marseille Web Fest is opening a new selection dedicated to web-documentaries (or documentary series).

With this selection, the festival wishes to promote recent innovative works offering a creative and intelligent relationship between form and narrative while bearing a unique outlook on the world.

A selection of 10 documentary series (or web-doc) from international production will be  available online. The prize for the best web documentary will be awarded by the jury.

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, le Marseille Web Fest propose une sélection web-documentaire afin de promouvoir ces œuvres innovantes offrant une relation créative et intelligente entre la forme et le récit tout en portant un regard singulier sur le monde. Aussi, l’équipe est fière de vous annoncer cette sélection de 9 web-doc à découvrir : 

  • Dans la jungle, avec un petit couteau à beurre… – France
  • Des nouvelles de Yonas – France
  • Dopamine – France
  • How T.O. Art – Canada
  • Parfaitement Imparfait – Canada
  • Sans la nuit – France
  • The Nodey Process – France / Vietnam
  • Till Tomorrow – France
  • Trolls – France


Dopamine is a comic-style documentary web-series that decrypts the techniques used by major apps to make their users completely addicts.

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How T.O. Art

HOW T.O. ART CANADA How T.O. Art is a docu-webseries about Toronto-based artists and their art. Showing the reality of...

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News From Yonas

This animated documentary tells the story of the discussions of Yonas, an Eritrean refugee, and Jérôme Tubiana, journalist, photographer, researcher...

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Sans la nuit

A solidarity webdoc series to give a voice back to the women and men who make the night in Marseille...

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The Nodey process

In the midst of an identity crisis, French-Vietnamese hip-hop and electronic music producer Nodey decides to leave the Paris region...

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Till Tomorrow

Till Tomorrow is a web-documentary sponsored by Yann Arthus Bertrand and Nicolas Vanier which questions the place of Nature in...

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Trolls are everywhere, but you never see them. Scourge of our online conversations for some, hero of the free Internet...

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